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Can you use Dishwashing Soap for washing something more than Just Dishes?

Blog Highlights:

  • The dishwashing liquid is also known as the “duct tape” of the kitchen
  • Since it is designed to cut grease, it is perfect for cleaning different surfaces at home
  • It can be used to remove the plant oil found in poison ivy so you can avoid getting rashes
  • It can be used to soften callouses on your feet, and it can also help soften cuticles and remove oil from your nails
  • It can be used to clean shoes, and to soften stains on clothes
  • It can even help kill fleas on your pets and insects on carpets and upholstery

A lot of people think that the humble dishwashing soap could never be used beyond the kitchen sink.

But because of its special properties, a lot of DIY-ers and cleaning experts have discovered how truly versatile and useful this everyday cleaning product is!

Considered as the “duct tape” of the kitchen, experts recommend dishwashing soap when it comes to cleaning barbecue grates, removing soap scum in the bathroom, and everything else in between.

As a matter of fact, because it is specifically formulated to fight against grease, experts recommend its use for any of these 11 tasks that you’ll never believe would call for a dishwashing soap.

It can be used to clean different surfaces

Why settle for ordinary soap when you can use a superior product that can help cut grease and grime? With the help of a few milliliters of dishwashing soap in a bucket of water, you can make for yourself a cleanser that you can use for stovetops, ovens, counters, mirrors, windows, and even floors.

It can help prevent poison ivy rash

You can actually avoid poison ivy rashes for as long as you wash off the plant’s oil, known as urushiol, from your skin. The problem is, urushiol can be very stubborn and difficult to remove especially when you are only using ordinary soap. You can use dish soap on any area of your body that might have come in contact with the oil, and you can also use it to clean off the tools you used outdoors.

It can clean your new kicks

Shoe experts say that dish soap can be used on any rubber or vinyl surfaces. You can use it to clean the tread, sole, or the decorations. They say that you only have to try it once so you can see the huge difference that it can make when it comes to cleaning white parts on your rubber shoes. In any case, even shoes that are in a different color can also be thoroughly cleaned using dish soap.

It can be used to pamper your feet

Who knew dish soap can be used for skincare right? You can soak your feet in a bucket of water and dishwashing liquid so you can soften and remove calluses.

It can also be used on your nails

Using dish soap on your nails can help remove oils; it can also help soften cuticles. This makes it an ideal preparation for nail cleaning and for easy polishing.

It can help you get rid of your pet’s fleas

You can use Dawn, a dishwashing liquid, to kill fleas. You need to shampoo it into your dog’s coat and rinse it thoroughly to avoid allergies and rashes.

You can also use it on carpets and upholstery for cleaning and for flea removal. You can mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap in a 16-ounce spray bottle so you can spray it on flea infested surfaces.

It can be used to clean grease spots on your driveway

Put a lot of dishwashing soap on the spot and scrub it thoroughly with a brush. With the help of a dishwashing liquid and a bit of elbow grease, you can easily get rid of your car’s grease on your garage after a fixup.

It can be used to soften stains on clothes

Cleaning experts say that the sooner you apply dishwashing soap on clothes stains, the better the chances you have of removing it. You can rub the soap directly on greases on clothes before throwing it into the washing machine so that you can remove the stain properly.

It can be used to remove excess hair color

If you colored your hair too dark, you can use a little dishwashing liquid to lighten your hair color. Just make sure not to overdo it. Overdoing it can dry-out your hair and it might no longer look shiny anymore.

Clean your glasses

Lint and thumbmarks can make the lens on your glasses look blurry. You can clean it properly with a drop of dish soap and with a thorough rinse.

Kill nasty insects

If dish soap can kill fleas, it can also be used to remove bugs like white flies, spider mites, and aphids. Just make your own dishwashing liquid and water solution so you can easily spray these nasty insects away. Just make sure not to do it directly on plants so you can avoid

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