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Spring Cleaning ideas that you need to do for your Dog

Running Wet Dog

Blog Highlights:

  • Check your dog visually if your pet’s skin, eyes, nose, ears, and fur are in good condition
  • Give your dog a thorough grooming, make sure that the dog’s nails are trimmed and that his or her teeth are brushed properly
  • Be sure to clean your pet’s toys, accessories, and areas that he or she loves to stay in

Aside from the house, your dog might need some spring cleaning attention as well. Doing so will not just help you get your dog clean, it can also help keep your dog healthy and happy. Here’s how you can give your dog a thorough cleaning at least once a year:

1.  Give your dog a thorough visual checkup

Check your dog from head to foot, to tail. Look in between your dog’s toes, and try to check if your dog has fleas or ticks. Try to check your dog’s fur, skin, eyes, nose, and ears. You should also consider taking a look at your dog’s vaccination records so you will know when your dog will need to have his or her checkup.

2.  Give your dog a thorough grooming

Before you give your dog a bath, brush his or her coat first to help dislodge dirt and debris from the fur. Brushing can help improve your dog’s skin, and it can also help keep the dog’s coat shiny. The nails must be trimmed so your dog will not have overgrown nails. Overgrown nails can interfere with how your pet walks and balances his or her weight. Your dog’s teeth must also be brushed so your pet can avoid decay and gum disease. Be sure to use pet toothpaste as toothpastes made for human use are toxic to animals.

3. Check your pet’s belongings and accessories

Disinfect your pet’s collar, cleaning supplies, leash, and cage. This can help keep your pet comfortable, and rash-free. You might also want to upgrade your pet’s collar if you want more functionality. Dog collars can harbor a lot of dirt, and the leash might have breaks with continued use. You will have to wash these items or opt to have them replaced. Ones that are made from leather can be conditioned with hand cream or foot oil. Your pet’s bowl should also be cleaned properly, and disinfected.

4. Clean the toy box

Gather all of your dog’s toys and make sure that you give them a wash. Throw away the ones that are no longer usable and wash with soap the ones that you want to keep. You can use hot water to disinfect some toys.

5. Clean the different areas that your pet loves to stay in

Get your pet’s blankets, beds, and pads, and put them into the washer. You can use hot water to kill fleas and microbes, and you can let it air dry outside to remove odors. You should also change the cedar chips, and you should also consider cleaning your own furniture to get rid of pet hair.

6. Get rid of the poop outdoors

Get rid of the poop that has been frozen outdoors so you won’t have to deal with it when it thaws.

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