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Checking the Damage Caused by winter on the Exterior of your Home

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Blog Highlights:

  • Opening your windows might not be an easy thing to do after winter, this is because some windows will get stuck as a result of the cold and moisture.
  • The siding of your home can get loose or pulled away, they can also get a lot of dirt or algae.
  • If you will allow the buildup of snow and ice to stay on your roof or gutters, the weight might cause it to loosen or fall off your house.
  • You need to get rid of debris from the flower bed so you can help perennials to get the nutrients that they need to grow.

Spring is coming, a lot of us can finally find relief as warmer temperatures develop. Aside from having longer days and looking out for flaring allergies, homeowners should also check their home exterior so that they will know if winter took its toll.

Here’s what you need to look for now that the weather has improved:

Fixing sticky windows

Opening the windows might be what you have in mind for spring, but in reality, the winter might have made your windows very hard to open. Old windows, especially ones that are made from wood can get swollen due to the moisture, this can make it difficult to slide open. Wood rot can also prevent your windows from opening. If the windows have been repainted, the buildup of paint can also make it impossible for you to easily slide the windows.

Checking the siding on your home

Homes that have vinyl or aluminum sidings need to be checked to see if any of them have been damaged. These sidings can become loose, and they can also pull away. Allowing mold to develop or water to enter into the structure.

If the siding on north-facing walls has a buildup of green algae, you might want to hand wash the siding using a brush and a cleanser. Homeowners can also opt to use a pressure washer for as long as the sidings are intact. You should also aim the pressure washer downwards as facing it upwards can force the water to go behind the siding.

Cleaning the gutter

The gutters can also get a lot of damage during winter, this is especially true if there were ice storms or snow storms. If you will not try to get rid of the weight of all the ice in the gutter, it can pull away from the hanger.

If the gutter is loosed or angled poorly, it will not be able to efficiently carry rainwater towards the downspouts. If this happens, water can back up under the roof shingles and it can go down into the walls. The water can even cause damage to your landscaping or buildup in your basement.

Yard maintenance

Your landscaping can also be severely damaged by the winter. Snow can cause the branches to droop or break off, this is why you might want to trim portions of bushes, or trees before they begin spring growth. You should also clear away leaves and debris from flower beds in order to allow perennials to easily get the nutrients that they need to flourish once more.

Winter can do a lot of damage to your home interior. So now that the weather has turned for the better, you might want to go around your house and start your inspection as early as possible. This can help you do repairs before any of them will worsen or before other problems will develop.

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