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Cleaning Tips you need to Know for Summer

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Blog Highlights:

  • If you are too tired to carefully trim the grass or cut the weed along the fences, you can opt to use herbicide on this area so you can save time
  • Window blinds can be removed from their brackets and hosed or sprayed outside
  • Instead of trying to scoop the pool oil, just throw in a tennis ball so you can easily get rid of the problem

Summer isn’t supposed to be about cleaning, but we all know that as adults, you are bound to have to do some cleaning one way or another. But with the help of these tips, you can actually make your cleaning tasks a lot easier.

Here’s how you can make your summer cleaning easier:

Dealing with the grass along the fence

Weed whacking along the fence can be quite time consuming. But by using herbicide, you can eliminate both weeds and grass in this area so you no longer have to spend as much time trimming. You can even create your own herbicide at home made from a gallon of vinegar, a gallon of boiling water, and a cup of Epsom salt.

Dealing with the pool oil

Pool oil is made from one’s natural oils and from sunscreen or other beauty products that will accumulate on the pool’s surface. Instead of trying to scoop the oil and making a mess, you can simply throw in a golf ball and allow it to absorb the oil.

Dealing with the window blinds

This area can easily accumulate dust over time. If you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning the tiny nooks and crannies, you can pop the vinyl blinds out of their brackets so that you can hose them with water outside. You can pressure wash it if possible, and you can also use sponge and detergent to wipe away stubborn dirt.

Just keep in mind that sometimes, the window blinds can turn brittle after months or years of use. If your blinds are too brittle, you can opt to clean it with a soft cloth or replace it with new ones instead.

Dealing with plastic outdoor toys

If cleaning pool toys and other plastic toys meant to be played outdoors are too tedious for you, you can put them in the dishwasher and allow it to remove the grime, and sanitize the toys for you. Just keep in mind that you should not do this for toys that are battery-operated or ones that have missing parts. Use a mesh bag to keep light toys in place during the cycle.

Dealing with beach towels

Used beach towels can be very smelly, so before beach towels, and swimwear will start to smell like mildew, you can put them in the washing machine together with a cup of distilled white vinegar so you can keep them clean and smelling fresh. During the wash cycle, do not add any detergent, just make sure that the temperature is high. If the towels are still smelly, you can wash it again in hot water with half a cup of baking soda, without the vinegar, and also without the detergent.

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