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5 Steps you need to do when cleaning up after a Kitchen Fire

Blog Highlights:

  • There is always a certain amount of risk every time you turn on your stove or oven so you can cook
  • Cooking can cause minor fires in the kitchen especially when there is grease and oil around
  • The fire and the means by which you put out the fire can both cause damage to kitchen fixtures, appliances, and accessories
  • Pots and pans might need to be thrown away after a fire
  • Kitchen stoves, ovens, and other appliances might have to be replaced after a fire
  • If water is used to put out a fire, you need to dry off the kitchen properly to prevent mold from developing

Love cooking for your family? Cooking for your own family can have amazing benefits, but one needs to understand that it also has certain risks and dangers.

There are times when homeowners or home cooks get distracted while cooking, leaving the fire on for hours or letting something overcook in the oven. Although it may not result in serious problems, a lot of danger can be involved especially when there is a lot of grease and oil around.

Avoiding fires

Staying focused and alert is very important especially when you are cooking. You need to take note of your cooking time and you should also install a functioning smoke detector.

In case fires do occur, you should also have a way to be able to put it out as soon as possible.

If you are not careful, putting out a fire can actually cause a lot of damage.

If you live in an apartment, starting a fire can trigger the sprinkler system. Pulling out the fire extinguisher and using it can also do some damage. Of course, all these minor damages will not be able to compare to the damage the fire would have caused if you did not put it out immediately.

This is why we have pieced together a concise checklist that will help you how to clean up after a small kitchen fire.

5 Steps you need to do when cleaning up a Kitchen Fire

  1. More than just the stove, your walls and ceilings will also have burn marks or water damage. These areas will have to be wiped and dried properly.
  2. Your dishes, pots, pans, and even your stove or oven might have been damaged by the fire. You might want to throw them away or repair them for your own safety.
  3. If the fire was able to reach the floor, your furniture, fixtures, and flooring will need a thorough scrubbing or professional repairs.
  4. If the fire lasted long enough to do damage on a large area, you will have to replace your appliances or completely remodel your kitchen.
  5. If you used a lot of water to put out the fire, you need to check where the water might have pooled. You need to dry off your kitchen properly with a cloth or sponge, and you need to use a fan afterwards so can prevent the development of mold.

Cleaning up your kitchen after a minor fire can take a few days to finish. But doing it thoroughly will surely help you avoid having to deal with more damage in the future.

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