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Knowing how to Clean Appliances at Home

Blog highlights:

  • Dirty appliances can actually cause problems when it comes to the results that they provide
  • Dishwashers must be manually scrubbed and made to run on the toughest sanitize cycle
  • Cleaning the clothes dryer allows you to have fresh smelling clothes and it will also help you avoid fires
  • Washing machines can be cleaned by manually by scrubbing the interior, cleaning its removable parts, and by running it on a high-temperature cycle

Appliances can serve different purposes, but no matter how efficient they are in their functions, if they are dirty, then they are probably not up to the task to do anything.

Each appliance serves a specific purpose. Washers and dryers help clean clothes, and a dishwasher helps us with the dishes. These appliances are designed to help make our lives much easier, this is why they need our care and attention from time to time.

Cleaning the dishwasher

If you want to make sure that your dishes are really clean, then you have to make sure that your dishwasher is also clean. Buildups of food debris and grime will not only make your dishwasher unsanitary, it can also cause cleanup problems overtime.

You need to empty your dishwasher first and then run it on the toughest cycle. If it has the option to sanitize, you can also turn it on. Using vinegar or any household cleaner, you can manually scrub the buildup. Make sure that you clean the drain, the soap traps, and the nooks and crannies inside the dishwasher as well. If you want to be doubly sure, you can run the dishwasher again a second time. You should also replace its filters regularly according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Cleaning the washing machine

A lot of those who own washing machines just hate it when the top-loader washers hide the grime or when the front loader just puts it on display. But whether you own a front one, or a top one, keeping your washing machine clean is necessary if you also want clean results.

For top loaders, you need a strong household cleaner that can clean the interior areas and easily get rid of built-up grime. You need to manually scrub the interior and you can run a high-temperature cycle if this is possible. Make sure that you pause the cycle for at least an hour to let the interior soak. You can opt to use a manufacturer recommended cleaning solution to clean the washing machine, or you can make your own by using bleach or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

For those who have front loaders, you need to keep the door open if you want to avoid nasty cleanups. You have to clean the door and the seals manually. You can use a front loader cleaning solution and then run the machine in a high heat or sanitize cycle.

For washer types, just make sure that you clean the soap dispensers as well as its removable parts regularly. When using bleach, make sure that you rinse the interior properly to avoid decolorizing clothes in succeeding uses.

Cleaning the clothes dryer

You need to keep your clothes dryer clean not just for your clothes, but also for your own safety. Since these appliances are only used to hold clean clothes, many owners would think that they do not need regular maintenance. You should know however, that if you don’t clean it regularly, there is a huge chance that you will start smelling something funny from your clothes.

Cleaning the clothes dryer will require a bit of time, so make sure that you are not planning to use it for a few hours before you start cleaning it. When cleaning, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and always focus on removing lint, sheet residues, and the buildup of grime. Clean the lint trap properly in a bucket, and make sure that you let it dry properly. You should also vacuum excess lint inside the trap, vent, and the rest of the interior.

You can use a general household cleaner to clean the insides. Manually scrub the drum as well as the corners of the dryer. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe away the cleaning agent with a damp rag.

Always keep your appliances clean

Cleaning your appliances regularly may be time consuming, but doing so will help you get the results that you want and it will also help extend the life of the appliance. Make it a point to clean your appliances monthly or whenever you notice that it has too much dirt or grime.

Do you have your own ideas, tips, or tricks when it comes to cleaning different appliances at home? Share it with us at the comments section!

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