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Rather than using deodorizers, you can use practical yet effective options to get rid of unwanted odors in your home instead, experts say

Baking soda can be used to clear up a stinky fridge as well as to help remove cigarette odors from fabrics

A HEPA certified vacuum cleaner and air purifier can significantly help reduce unwanted odors within the home

You can keep funky odors away from your coffee and from your dishes with the help of vinegar

Installing an exhaust in your bathroom can help slow down the growth of mold and mildew

 Does your house smell a bit stale, and musty?

Cold weather typically forces a lot of homeowners to keep their doors and windows shut for long periods of time. Doing so can actually cause the buildup of odors inside the home. Rather than spraying every inch of it with deodorizers and perfumes, our experts at Salt Lake City cleaning services suggests that you use these practical and more effective options instead.

Dealing with the Stinky Fridge

Without regular cleaning, the refrigerator can harbor foul odors. This can come from rotten food or from molds.

Whenever the fridge’s odors make you want to vomit, you might want to take out everything and clean everything inside right away. You can open a box of baking soda afterwards so that you can get rid of the stink. You can also put some of it in a bowl for the freezer. Adding activated charcoal can also help give your fridge a fresh and clean smell.

Cigarette odors

Smokers can leave behind a bad odor all over the house. When people smoke indoors, the smell of cigarette smoke can cling to fabrics like curtains, carpets and upholstery.

Dealing with it requires more than just clearing up the smoke. According to our Salt Lake City based company, the smell from the fabric must be absorbed by sprinkling adequate quantities of baking soda all over the smelly items. Allowing the baking soda to soak up the smell for a day is needed for best results.

Expert cleaning services recommend that you vacuum the baking soda off of the fabrics using a vacuum with a HEPA filter so that even the tiniest particles will be taken away.

Something Smelly in the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal can do a great job when it comes to getting rid of leftover food. Unfortunately, the smell of last night’s dinner can still escape out of it. The odor from garbage disposals can actually make kitchens and even dining rooms smell like rotten food.

The best way to deal with it is to pour white vinegar while the disposal is turned on. You can also freeze white vinegar into ice and allow the disposal to grind it into small pieces.  For very strong odors, it would be best if you pour oxygen bleach instead.

The Garbage Can

Of course, the garbage can smells! The buildup of garbage as well as the lack of cleaning can cause bacteria and microbes to thrive inside garbage cans. In order to get rid of the smell, our professional Salt Lake City cleaners would suggest that you scrub it inside out with a disinfectant cleanser. You can also spray it with vinegar and rub it dry afterwards.

Dealing with Pet Odors

Household items can also start smelling like your pets. To effectively get rid of the smell, you can put it under the sun and air dry for a few hours. If the smell is just too strong, you can use products that are specifically formulated to help get rid of pet smells. Our experts at the Salt Lake City cleaning services say that you should never use products like Febreeze for this case; this is because it will not actually get rid of the odor. It will only try to mask it.

You can also use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to help remove pet smells. It would also be best for you to install HEPA certified air purifiers while you are sun drying your items so that the whole area will smell fresh as well.

Musty Drawers and Cabinets

Old drawers and cabinets that haven’t been opened for quite a while need to be sprinkled with baking soda for a few hours to a few days.  Just vacuum it afterwards so you get rid of the smell and so that you can use them again.

Moldy Dishwashers

Dishwashers when not cleaned properly can actually start to smell moldy. If you will not deal with it right away, your dishes will start to smell like rotten food as well. Professional cleaning services say that the best way to deal with it is to run it on an empty cycle with 2 cups of vinegar instead of regular soap.

The Compost Pile

Your compost pile in Salt Lake City can be very useful when it comes to minimizing what you throw away. Unfortunately, this too can harbor a lot of bad odor especially when the area is not maintained properly. To help remove the rotting, fetid odor of the compost, you need to aerate it by turning it over and by sprinkling water over it.

Funky Coffee?

While that might sound like a cool new beverage, what is being referred here is the funny and stinky smell left that an uncleaned coffee pot can give to your cup of Joe.

To avoid this, you can run the coffeemaker on 1 part of vinegar to 2 parts of water. This will help remove unwanted odors. Just be sure to make a full pot of water through the cycle first before you try to use it again.

Mold and Mildew on the Bathroom tiles

Damp cool places are thriving areas for mold and mildew. One of the best ways for you to prevent these microbes from forming on your tiles is to make sure that you have an exhaust fan installed. Proper ventilation can help reduce moisture, making your bathroom less ideal for molds to develop.

Bathroom accessories like rugs, towels and even the shower curtains can easily turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. By replacing damp ones, and cleaning them frequently, you can avoid having different smells to develop inside your bathroom.

If you need professional help getting rid of irritating household odors, get in touch with us right away. Our experts in Salt Lake City cleaning services can provide you with thorough services meant not just to make your house look good and tidy, but also to help make it smell as fresh and as clean as possible.

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