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5 Frequently Forgotten Areas you need to Clean within the Bathroom

Blog Highlights:

  • Areas in the bathroom that are left uncleaned can harbor staphylococcus and other microorganisms
  • Vinegar can be used to remove mineral deposits within the shower head and it can also be used to disinfect different areas
  • The toilet base is often taken for granted, not knowing that microorganisms can also thrive in this area
  • Shower curtains can be cleaned by putting it in the washer
  • Bathroom drains can be cleaned with the use of an effective, homemade mixture, experts at the Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City says

Many homeowners who are very diligent when it comes to cleaning their homes often forget to deal with a few areas, nooks and crannies within the bathroom.

Though it might sound harmless, forgetting to clean some areas here can actually pose a serious health risk for the family. This is because microbes like staphylococcus can easily thrive within. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that this and other similar microorganisms can be found more often within the bathroom than in trash bins.

Even if other people do the cleaning for you, there is still a chance that they will not be able to clean every single item. So to help you remember, our professional Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City has compiled a list of 5 areas people typically forget to clean within the bathroom.

  1. The Shower head – Mineral deposits can easily block the flow of water in your shower. Instead of leaving it alone and thinking that it does not require washing, it is best that you soak it in vinegar and poke the holes with a paperclip in order to remove deposits. You can also scrub it with an old toothbrush to help make it stay clean and germ-free.
  2. The toilet base – The personnel at our Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City says that the toilet is a priority when it comes to bathroom cleaning; unfortunately, the toilet base is often taken for granted by homeowners. This area can be damp and full of moisture; microorganisms can also grow here. To help prevent the growth of mildew, disinfecting the area with a household cleaner, scrubbing it, and then letting it dry thoroughly is necessary.
  3. The Shower Curtains – A lot of people forget to clean the shower curtains for months at a time. By putting it in the washer, adding half a cup of vinegar and detergent, and then running a gentle, cold cycle, you can easily clean it. You can even add towels during the spin to act as scrubbers. Just be sure to let the curtains dry properly afterwards.
  4. The bathroom Drain – The drain gets very minimal attention unless it gets clogged. But in a daily basis, hair, toothpaste and all sorts of things pass through it. To help make sure that your sink drain and tub drain stays clean, you have to remove the stopper and unscrew it.  Soak the drain in vinegar to help remove mineral deposits. According to our experts at the Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, while soaking it, you can remove hair and debris outside the hole and then pour a mixture of half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda in boiling water down the drain. The mixture will bubble away and dissolve the grime within the pipes.
  5. The Medicine Cabinet – When left un-maintained, the cabinet can contain a lot of medications that have long been unused or expired. You should never dispose of it down the drain or down the trash. Instead, you can take it to local collection agencies so that it can be disposed of safely.

For an added bonus, our expert Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City also says that you should put unused powder room towels in the laundry every once in a while and make sure that the dryer’s lint filter stays clean.

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