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Amazingly Simple Tricks that can Help you Deal with Nasty Odors


  • Having the right scents can evoke emotion, but staying in an odorous place can ruin your mood for anything
  • Simple items found at home can be used to neutralize odors in lieu of artificial products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins
  • Rubbing vanilla on a light bulb can help perfume an entire room
  • Baking Soda, Vinegar and salt can be used in different ways to help you get rid of different odors within the home
  • A reliable solution made from baking soda, water and hydrogen peroxide can help remove strong odors, even skunk smells

According to scientists, humans can recognize as much as 10,000 types of scents.

As amazing as it sounds, it can actually work against us. This is true especially when you have to deal with a smelly environment.

Having the right scents around us can improve our mood; wonderful scents can help us remember fond memories. Conversely, staying in a dirty and odorous place can ruin your mood to do anything.

 More than just to help us smell, our noses can actually help warn us whenever there is rotting food or hazardous materials around. Although many homes today make use of artificial scents in order to mask unwanted odors, it should be noted that many of these products contain harsh chemicals or toxins. As a matter of fact, children and adults alike can suffer from allergies whenever they are exposed to scented candles, scent sprays, and other similar products.

Fortunately, according to our experts in cleaning services at Salt Lake City, there are a few simple items that can help neutralize heavy, pungent or noxious odors within the car or home.

Here are some simple, yet amazingly effective tips that can help you deal with nasty odors:

Opening windows and letting air in can help blow away strong odors.

Cutting a lemon in half and placing the haves in specific areas of the home can help perfume certain areas within.

Rubbing a lightbulb with vanilla can also help make your room smell very pleasant.

Coffee has a strong aroma. Our Salt Lake City cleaning experts says that you can use freshly ground or leftover coffee to help lessen the odors coming from the fridge, the cupboard and even from the microwave. It can also help create a fresh smell in the car interior as well as the trunk.

Baking soda is not just useful when it comes to neutralizing odors within the fridge. You can also use it at the bottom of the trashcan and on the trash itself to help the smell.

The fridge, kitchen tiles, sink, drains, and toilet bowls can have very strong odors. But by using half a cup of baking soda in two quarts of water, you can actually clean it and neutralize its odors effectively. You can also use a vinegar solution to help disinfect these items as well as tubs and tiles.

For the microwave, you can heat up a microwave-safe container that contains 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar. This mixture can help bad odors to dissipate within the microwave.

If you need to get rid of bad odors from the kitchen, you can simmer a quart of water with a cup of vinegar on the stove. This can help you get rid of burnt food and other odors within the area and on your stainless steel cookware.

 Odors coming from wastebaskets and lunchboxes can be removed by placing overnight, a piece of bread soaked in vinegar.

Dealing with the garbage disposal can be easy. Our Salt Lake City professionals recommend that you grind what’s left over from eating citrus fruits. You can also put half a cup of salt while the disposal is turned on to help remove food particles and neutralize the odors within.

Upholstery, rugs, carpets, as well as vehicle interiors can be rid of offensive smells with the help of baking soda. Cleaning services experts recommend that you sprinkle it all over these items then vacuum it the next day.

Mixing 3 parts of cold water to 1 part of vinegar can create a solution that will help you get rid of offensive smells on carpets and rugs caused by urine or vomit.  Our experts at the Salt Lake City cleaning services recommend that you spray the solution on affected areas and blot it out (do not rub it in) afterwards. Repeat the entire process until the odor is completely removed.

For Truly Tough Odors

If the odor packs in a punch, you can use this amazing formula for tough odors, even skunk smells.

  • Wear safety goggles and latex gloves before making the solution. Add 1 teaspoon of liquid soap to a quarter cup of baking soda and 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mix everything in a plastic container.
  • Spray the solution on affected areas, leaving it for 24 hours and blot out excess liquid afterwards.
  • Let it air dry.

This solution is best used on carpets and upholstery.  One however, has to test it out on a small area of the item for 24 hours before using it to make sure that it won’t affect the item’s color or damage its material.

For maximum potency, do not make this solution beforehand. Do not store it in a closed container.

This solution can also be used on pets that have been skunked.

Molds and Mildew

Molds and mildew can be very hazardous to your health. It is very important for homeowners to seek professional help so that they can get rid of it properly.

Unfortunately, neutralizing odors using readily available items will not work on indoor mold. These issues must be dealt with using professional products and treatments.

Do you need help in cleaning your home and in getting rid of nasty odors within your property? Get in touch with our expert cleaning services providers at Salt Lake City and we will be more than happy to fix your house cleaning or odor problems in a professional and effective manner.

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