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Professional Cleaning Services Tips on How to Clean Inaccessible Areas within your Home

Blog Highlights:

  • A lot of people find cleaning inaccessible areas in the home very hard and time-consuming
  • Having the right tools can help you save time and energy during cleaning, experts says
  • A painter’s brush can be used effectively to sweep dust off of ceilings and furniture
  • Pillow cases can be inserted into ceiling fan blades to help clean them in a breeze, professionals says
  • Removal of grease and grime must be done with the use of dish soap
  • One thorough cleaning and proper maintenance afterwards, is that it takes to make the back of your toilet constantly clean
  • Professional cleaning services can help you get a clean and tidy home in Salt Lake City

Even here in Salt Lake City, a lot of people are desperately in need of a few tricks than can help them deal with hard to reach areas in their homes.

Without a doubt, inaccessible areas tend to be very difficult to clean, turning a routine house cleaning into a long and tiresome nightmare. To help you avoid wasting time on these problem areas, here are a few expert tips on how to clean hard to reach places within your home.

Owning the right Tools

Having the right tools in your home cleaning arsenal is essential when it comes to cleaning inaccessible areas. The right tool can definitely be used to help you reach that hidden spot or properly clean that tight corner without breaking a sweat.

This does not mean that you need to buy a vacuum cleaner that has dozens of extensions, having something as simple as a flexible duster with an attachment can do wonders for you without the cost. Tools like these are perfect for removing dust and debris from tight spots within your home.

Cleaning services professionals here in Salt Lak City also say that getting microfiber cloths can also help you save time and energy. These products can help you get rid of dust particles far more efficiently than ordinary cloths. Practical tools like a step tool or a sturdy ladder is also very important especially when you need to clean high ceilings.

Brushing it all off

A lot of people underestimate the power of the painter’s brush, thinking that they are not really that effective when it comes to cleaning. They however, can be effective in removing dust and they can also be quite gentle on your furniture, making them the perfect tool when it comes to cleaning delicate furniture and glass ornaments.

What’s more, cleaning services also suggest that you put a large painter’s brush on a mop handle so you can use it to sweep your ceilings, crystal chandeliers and crown moldings with ease.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans with a Breeze

Ceilings fans can often be such a chore to clean especially when your house is located in Salt Lake City. A smart way to clean it is to put each blade into a pillow case. Make sure that it fits well enough so that when you remove it, you can get rid of dust on both sides in one swoop.

Getting rid of Grime

Cabinet tops and countertops can have a lot of grease and grime instead of dust. Instead of making matters worse by using a dry cloth, scrub it with decent dish soap and wash it away with a damp clean rag.

Washing behind the Toilet

Though many people hate to clean it, professional cleaning services say that this difficult task can be made much simpler by giving it one thorough clean. You can then wipe it with a damp cloth and dry every few days after.

Maintenance is your ally at this point. Keeping it clean and dry will help prevent molds and mildew to cause damage. Helping you avoid the long and tedious stain removal.


At Damestiques, our professional Cleaning services in Salt Lake City can give a lot of care and attention to these areas. We don’t only aim to make your home as tidy as possible; we also want to turn your living space into a safe environment for your family’s health.

So why not give yourself a time-off from household chores? Call us today and let us give you professional cleaning services for your home in Salt Lake City!

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