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Don’t Pine for Your Christmas Tree

If there’s one mark of a festive home in 2015, it has to be an attractive Christmas tree. We love them, and we’re sure that wherever you are in Salt Lake City – you do, too. The atmosphere is like nothing else on the planet, but it’s no secret that tidying up after your Christmas tree can be a pretty daunting task – especially if you’ve opted to keep it authentic this year with a real pine tree. We’ve put together a great set of tips to help you to keep your festive spirit high, whilst increasing the life span of your tree!

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Looking After Your Natural Tree

As soon as you cut your tree it will start to die. Fortunately, pine trees are notoriously resilient and this will go a long way in helping you to keep the festive cheer alive this holiday season. The trunk will secrete sap to seal the base of the tree pretty soon after cutting. To ensure that your tree still receives water, make a slice an inch or two above the original cut, and then place it in a bowl of water.

You might notice that your Christmas tree starts to drop pine needles – and not only is this messy, they can be a pain to clean up when allowed to collate together! If your tree is dropping needles often, then add a little more fresh water to the bowl. A thirsty tree will drop needles far more frequently, so the fresher the water, the longer your tree will go between drops.

Keep Track of the Water Consumption

It’s amazing to think about, but the truth is that most trees will consume a minimum of a gallon of water within 24 hours from being cut. Keep your water topped up every few hours, and if you’ve noticed that the bowl is getting empty, be sure to fill it to the maximum again. Your tree will appreciate it, and you’ll be able to see that for yourself as fewer and fewer needles hit the ground.

Keeping the Ground Clear of Needles

Unfortunately your tree will inevitably drop needles. Even live trees do – and although you can slow the process down, you will never be able to halt it entirely. If you have a tree skirt, then now is the time to place it. Wrap it around the base of your tree, over the water but spread widely enough to cater to the falling needles. The skirt will catch any drops, and you can simply clear them away as they begin to build up.

Consider Keeping a Vacuum Close to Hand

Another great way to compliment the skirt of your tree is by vacuuming up any excess pine needles as they fall. This can be particularly useful if your tree skirt is the type of material that refuses to let go of debris – so simply pull your vacuum out and suck up the needles before sitting back to relax.

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