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Knowing How to Preserve Clothing Correctly

Stains, discoloration and wear and tear are just a few of the occurrences that can make an item of clothing unusable, and although there is no way to guarantee that a garment will last for a life time – there are steps that you can take to maximize the overall lifespan of your clothing. Knowing how to preserve clothing correctly doesn’t mean freezing your favorite dress and only defrosting it before an event; it actually refers to several techniques that can help with the longevity of your items of clothing, and this is usually achieved via proper storage methods. These methods are very versatile, so unless you’re visiting the lake at Salt Lake City fully dressed, you’ll enjoy the results.

The potential of plastic storage

It’s not uncommon to see professionally cleaned (or even newly bought) suits, dresses and gowns come with a protective cover. These covers are predominantly plastic, and the purpose of them is to keep the clothing within safe from external dirt and debris. It’s not always an option to store every item of clothing that you wear in this way, but you may want to consider using protective methods to preserve clothing that you are not using for extended periods of time. Vacuum-packaging that seals tight around garments and adjustable plastic shells are great options to easily protect a multitude of clothing items all at once – especially if you want to keep seasonal wardrobes free from dust, light and other elements whilst they are out of commission.

Spacious living

A cluttered cupboard isn’t good for the lifespan of any item of clothing. In factwhen different materials make contact, the chances of fraying and wear and tear is significantly increased! If your cupboard space is full, then there’s always the option to install dividers between pieces of clothing. These plastic dividers are incredibly affordable, and they hang in much the same way as regular clothing – on hangers. Alternatively, it’s possible to install vertical shelving units, and these can be used to divide different items of clothing – but this method will depend on the spacing allowed.

Keeping your clothing clean

Bacteria thrives in dirt, and even the smallest stain can lead to irreparable damage occurring within items of clothing. Damp is another destroyer of clothes, so one way to prolong your clothing’s usability is to keep it clean and dry. Different materials require different cleaning techniques, so if in doubt, consider taking a trip to your residential house cleaning provider and have them handle the cleaning process professionally.

Preservation sprays

A fairly new concept to hit the clothing preservation trend is clothing preservation sprays. These are typically found within the laundry section of stores. When sprayed they emanate a very fine mist, and this mist settles into the fibers of materials to help to protect them from a multitude of problems – most predominantly color-fading. UV sprays are the most suitable of all of the sprays available, and just a quick spray every few weeks is generally enough to protect clothing; whether it’s being stored for periods of time or due to be worn.

Use a gentle detergent

The weekly wash is a staple part of house cleaning. One wrong color, and the whole load can come out a different color – not to mention the risk to your health when using harsh detergents that focus on stain removal. To avoid color runs, try to remove stains manually using white vinegar or baking soda, and then use a gentle detergent during your machine wash. Not only will the gentle detergent clean your clothes; it will do so without damaging the fibers, or your skin.

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