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Cleaning Kids’ Sports Equipment at Home

If there’s one thing that’s the bane of most parents, it’s dirt – especially in Salt Lake City. It doesn’t matter how often a pair of trainers are polished or how frequently sportswear is washed – if a child is in the same vicinity as dirt, grass or mud, you can rest assured that you’ll be reaching for that scrubbing brush and your favorite cleaners in no time.Fortunately for us, home cleaning remedies have existed for centuries, so here’s a look at a few of the most effective on the planet!

The Saviour – White Vinegar

If there’s one thing that white vinegar is capable of, it’s breaking down even the most stubborn of stains. White vinegar can be quite a harsh abrasive though – especially if allowed to stay in contact with certain materials for an extended period of time. If used properly, there’s no reason why your child’s shirts, sporting accessories and other equipment couldn’t stay spotless for longer – and this is a little known house cleaning secret! Just remember to use a soft cloth and press (rather than wipe) to break down any stains.

Baking Soda for Odors

Odors from sweat, dirt and grime can be a pretty daunting task to tackle, especially if the odors have made their way into the fibers of the sports equipment in question. Baking soda is the ideal solution to this problem, and applying it with a wet cloth can help to break down the odorous molecules – revealing a clean, fresh surface. Baking soda is also very good at removing stains, and its pleasant scent saves having to stick the sports equipment back in the wash, like you may have to if you use vinegar as an alternative option.

Bleaching Techniques

There are two main ways to bleach your garments; the first is with chemicals, and the second is with direct sunlight. A few weeks in the sun is enough to bleach the color from most items of clothing, but this can sometimes be detrimental to fabric –as well as theunsavory fact that it takes a monumental time to get the desired effects. On the other hand, chemical bleach can be harmful to human skin and although it is possible to dilute it with water to make it a little less harsh, it is still highly toxic.

Many households do use diluted bleach to remove stubborn stains from white clothing and sports equipment in particular (so do most residential house cleaning services), so as long as you make sure to rinse each item through thoroughly after bleaching overnight in a diluted solution, there’s no reason to omit it from your cleaning routine. Avoid dark and colored materials at all costs however, as they will suffer severe color-loss.

Use Polish to your Advantage

When you think of cleaning kids’ sports equipment, you may overlook the benefits of using a regular furniture polish, but the truth is that a traditional can of spray and a soft cloth can work wonders on items such as shoes, gloves and leather balls!Cleaning-polish possesses chemicals that enhance the natural shine of flat surfaces, and it can be just as effective on contoured surfaces, too! When applying, be sure to rub in gentle, circular motions and you’ll soon see the dirt and stains lifting away right in front of your eyes.

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