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Professional Cleaning Services Call Now SLC (801) 485-7040 or PC (435) 640-4391

How to Maintain your Home between Cleans

They say that home is where the heart is, and we couldn’t agree more. Your home says a lot about you, and keeping it in tip-top condition can spell the difference between a happy home and one that causes more stress than you need on your plate. Once you’ve finished your cleaning routine, it’s time to sit back and relax; but how long does this relaxation last before you have to flick the vacuum cleaner on again, or pull the polish and a cloth out of the cupboard? There are a few great tricks that you can use to keep your home cleaner for longer in Salt Lake City, so let’s dive in!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Is there anything more irritating than finishing a vacuum cleaning chore, only to find your perfect carpets flecked with cotton and other small items that have come off of people’s shoes and socks? But that’s all that they are – small items, and you should never sweat the small stuff. Rather than getting the vacuum cleaner out again, why not unroll a little sticky tape, and press it against the debris? It will pick most pieces up easily, and you can simply bin the remnants!

Limit the chance of dirt

It’s not possible to clean a home and then demand that everyone sits outside for a week – but you are within your rights to request that people take their shoes off before entering your home. Stick a mat by the front door, ask your loved ones to remove their shoes and sit back and enjoy the reduction in external dirt! This might not keep the vacuum cleaner away forever, but it will definitely increase the gaps between pulling it out of the cupboard for a spin!

Avoid messy activities

Messes can occur at any time; from crumby foods all the way to messy hobbies that involve paint, paper and glue. The best way to keep your home clean is to restrict where these activities take place! For example, if you have a dinner table, then eat your meals there with your family. If you have a hobby, then dedicate an area to it. There’s not much that a quick wipe with a cloth can’t fix – so be sure to limit where your messy activities take place and your home will stay fresh and clean for much longer.

Keep windows closed when not in use

An open window can make a huge difference to the freshness of a home, but they are also responsible for letting in dirt, debris and other items that flow in on the breeze. When you’re not using your windows, close them up to keep out unwanted elements from the outside. You can also fit screens to your windows, and these area ideal for keeping bugs out, as well as external debris! Just be sure to clean these every so often, too.

Of course, you can always hire a professional cleaning company to come in and tidy up your home for you! At Damestiques, our industrial grade cleaners are perfect at keeping flat surfaces clean for as long as possible, and our experience means we know exactly how to tackle any trouble spots within your home to keep themclear until our next visit!

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