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Getting rid of the Nasty Skunk Smell in your Home

Blog Highlights:

  • If the dog got sprayed by a skunk, the dog can easily spread it to the carpets and the furniture
  • Skunks will spray houses or crawl spaces especially if it is located near their nest
  • You can contact a local company to deodorize your house for you, they can even help you file an insurance claim

Skunk smells can be very offensive, this is why if your dog or house got sprayed by a skunk, you need to know how to deal with it right away. A lot of houses near wooded areas can get visited by a skunk, it is also very possible for dogs to get sprayed especially if they wander around.

  • Skunk smells are typically caused by the following:
  • The dog got sprayed by a skunk, and when the dog went back inside the house, the odor got into the carpets and furniture.
  • A skunk sprayed near your house and the odor wafted into your home
  • A skunk used the crawl space, or a skunk sprayed under your house because it is located near their nest

Here’s how you can get rid that nasty skunk smell:

The very first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you get rid of the skunk first. You can call a wildlife professional to do the job for you.

After the skunk has been removed from your premises, you need to find out which items have been sprayed or has come in contact with the dog. The skunk sprays oil, this is why everything that has come into contact with it must be properly cleaned. If the skunk sprayed the crawl space, or on a piece of furniture, you might have to replace it.

There are companies who can use different techniques when it comes to deodorization, you can hire these professionals to help remove the odor for you. In the past, it took cleaning professionals a couple of days to get rid of the odor, but with the help of recent technology, some companies can now remove the odor in a day.

When it comes to odor removal, you should know that some homeowners insurance actually covers for deodorization. This is why experts recommend that you get in touch with your local remediation company first so that they will be able to advise you on how to properly file a claim.

Leaving the house

You might want to leave the house temporarily to allow the workers to do their job with ease, and also so you will not have to bear with the nasty odor. It is possible for your insurance to pay for your food and hotel expenses while work is being done in your home.

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