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Using Holiday Plants to your Home’s Advantage

Blog Highlights:

  • Poinsettias can create a classic holiday look in your home
  • If you want something grand and bold, you can opt for the Amaryllis flower
  • For those who do not have a lot of space, you can use the Norfolk Island pine as a mini Christmas tree

Learn more about the amazing holiday houseplants that you can use for your holiday decor. See how you can use Christmas cactus, and poinsettias to your advantage.

A lot of homeowners have tried to use holiday plants to make their homes more attractive during winter. However, there are those who have no idea what to do with this type of plants.

It is also quite common for holiday guests to give holiday plants as gifts. This is why it is important for homeowners to know exactly how to use them especially when your friends know that you love taking care of plants or that you love using them to decorate your home.

Holiday plants are actually very versatile, here’s how you can use the five common holiday plants so you can make your home interior look attractive during the holidays and during the rest of the year:

1.  Poinsettia for a classic holiday look

Poinsettias are wonderful holiday gifts that you can give to friends and family. There are actually hundreds of poinsettia varieties that range from the classic red, pink, white, and to other colors. This makes poinsettias ideal when it comes to mixing and matching colors in your home.

This plant can last for months if cared for properly. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight and water them when the soil gets dry. Make sure that the pots can drain properly so you can avoid putting too much water inside it.

2. The Christmas cactus

This flowering houseplant is such a joy to care for. It can give you bursts of sweet blooms all season, and it is very easy to take care of. This plant can be used for many years and it can also bloom more than once.

3. The Amaryllis flower for elegance

Considered by many as the quintessential statement piece, the amaryllis flower can provide your house with a marvelous floral accent. The bulb of this plant is actually very bold and it is typically in bright red or snowy white.

To care for this plant, you need to give it ample warmth and sunlight. As soon as it blooms, you can put it in a cool spot with indirect sunlight so you can preserve the bloom for a few weeks. The soil should be barely moist, and you should never wet the top of the bulb.

4. The Norfolk Island pine

Also known as the mini Christmas tree, this pine can be used at home for the holidays as it can be decorated and turned into a wonderful Christmas tree that does not have to take up a lot of space. You can decorate it with homemade ornaments, and it can also be grown up to 12 feet. To care for this plant, you need to provide it with natural sunlight and well-drained soil.

5. The cyclamen flower

With its dense heart-shaped leaves, it can be used to provide a whimsical accent to your home especially with the help of its bright flowers that are typically in red, pink, or white. The cyclamen flower can be used to add color wherever it is needed. And when cared for properly, it can bloom for 2 months or longer.

To help keep the flower in good condition, you need to plant it in a pot that is placed in a tray of water. This will allow the cyclamen to get as much water as it needs through the drainage holes. This must be done only when the soil is dry, and you should also make sure that any excess water is removed after.

3 Important tips to keep the holiday plants in top shape:

1.  Give it the right amount of sunshine

Read the tag and make sure you know exactly how much sunlight and heat your plant needs. You should also know how much water to give it each day. If the plant needs a lot of sunlight, you can put it near a south-facing window, just make sure that the plant does not touch the glass.

2. Choose the right pot

As soon as you get a new plant, make sure that you place it in the right container. You can choose decorative pots, and you can even add accessories, but you need to make sure that the pot has drain holes, as well as a drainage tray.

3. Get quality soil

You need to get the recommended soil for your plant, if you do not know what soil to use, your best bet would be to get organic potting soil that will not soak up too much water.

Holiday plants can be a great way to brighten the home and spread cheer. With the help of our tips, you can surely take advantage of these wonderful plants so you will be able to enjoy a festive atmosphere in your home that is perfect for the holidays.

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