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Etiquette Tips that you need to know when hiring a House Cleaner

Blog Highlights:

  • Homeowners should remove all the clutter before the cleaner arrives so that the worker can focus on the important cleaning tasks
  • You should also remove valuables such as jewelry, electronics, or other fragile items out of the cleaner’s way
  • Homeowners should know how to communicate to the house cleaners clearly and effectively
  • Before hiring a house cleaning company, the homeowner should do his or her research ahead of time

A house cleaner can help you deal with your house cleaning chores without the stress and the hassle.

But you have to keep in mind that hiring a house cleaner to take on your job requires your cooperation so that the cleaning will be finished in a timely and orderly fashion.

Here are some etiquette tips that you need to know about:

1.  Prepare the house for cleaning

What this means is that you should try to remove clutter before the house cleaner arrives. This will allow the house cleaner to focus on more important cleaning tasks rather than spending precious time trying to arrange the items that would get in the way.

Aside from getting rid of the clutter, you should also move furniture ahead of time so that the cleaner can have easy access to the areas behind them. You need to remember that house cleaners are not authorized to move furniture around.

You should also secure your valuables. This includes jewelry, electronics, as well as glass, crystal, or other fragile items. You need to do this ahead of time especially when it is your first time hiring a cleaning company, or if the cleaning company constantly assigns new personnel.

2. Clear communication is the key

A successful house cleaning will require clear communications between the homeowner and the house cleaner. If you want to make sure that all your concerns are addressed properly, you can do a walk-through before the house cleaner begins. You can also write down a list of what you want to be cleaned.

When it comes to the house cleaning products, you can let the cleaner know if you have products or supplies that you want them to use. State your preferred brands for the cleansers, and the cleaning tools ahead of time.

If the house cleaner did not do a good job, you need to speak up. You need to let the house cleaner, or the house cleaning company know what happened so that the problem will be dealt with in the proper manner.

3. Keep an eye of the time

Homeowners should know that if a house cleaner has been hired by the hour, he or she might have a limited time to properly finish the work. Experts suggest that homeowners should be present during cleaning in order to make sure that the house cleaner stays focused on the task at hand.

Experts also say that homeowners should refrain providing food or drink to housecleaners especially if he or she is still busy.

4. Tip

Although tipping is not required, a bonus is always a great way for the homeowners to show appreciation. You can opt to give the house cleaner some cash or a small gift, for as long as you are doing it freely.

Things you need to remember before hiring cleaning services

Before you decide to give a house cleaner or a house cleaning company a call, make sure that you do some research first. You need to know if the service provider is licensed, insured, and bonded for your own safety.

Upon calling, ask the provider if the company hires employees or if they only hire independent workers. You should also ask if these workers have been subjected to background checks. Some people also want their homes to be cleaned by the same individual or group so you should ask the company ahead of time before hiring.

Homeowners should try to find out if the cleaning company will bring their own supplies, or if you need to buy them yourself. Use online reviews and contact references to help you determine if the company is trustworthy and reliable. Be sure to personally meet the workers and do a walk-through. Give them your list and your instructions right from the start.

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