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Knowing how to get Rid of Irritating Pet Urine Smell on your Carpets

Blog Highlights:

  • Pets can bring a lot of joy into the home, unfortunately, they can cause unwanted odors when you least expect them
  • While some pets urinate on carpets unintentionally, older pets tend to urinate on carpets more frequently
  • Absorbing wet pet urine with a paper towel or dry cloth can help minimize stains and odors
  • A water and white vinegar solution can be used to neutralize odors and remove stubborn stains

Pet owners can have a lot of love for their pets; unfortunately, pets can cause a lot of unwanted odors especially within the home.

Homeowners who have cats and dogs know that these pets can bring a lot of joy in their lives. However, accidents can happen when you least expect it and you need to know what to do just in case your pet decides to urinate on your carpet.

While some pets do it unintentionally, older pets tend to urinate on carpets more frequently. Pet urine can contain strong ammonia odors and it can easily give off a nasty smell inside the house. While others recommend dabbing the wet urine off the carpet with a paper towel and using a vinegar solution to get rid of the smell, it is very important for homeowners to know exactly what to do to effectively remove the stains and strong odors caused by their pets on their carpets.

Here are some proven-effective methods that you can use to help preserve and salvage your carpets:

The quick draw

While it is still wet, you need to clean up the urine with a paper towel or dry cloth right away. Dried urine can cause stubborn stains on your carpet and it can allow bacteria to thrive within its fibers. You can place several layers of paper towels on the area and you can apply as much pressure as you can so that the paper towels will absorb much of the urine. This can also help reduce the spread of unwanted odors.

Neutralizing the odor

You can combine one part white vinegar to one part water in order to create an odor-neutralizing solution. This solution can be used for wet urine as well as for set-in stains. The vinegar within the solution can help reduce the smell without damaging the carpet fibers, making it a great choice for removing pet urine from your carpets.

To make the solution more effective, you should not just spray it on the area; you should pour it directly and allow it to soak. Let the solution sit on the area for at least ten minutes so that it will be able to penetrate the inner fibers properly. Use a layer of paper towels to absorb and remove the solution afterward.

Allow the carpet to dry for several hours. Sprinkle baking soda afterward so that the odor will be removed. Let the baking soda settle into the carpet for at least fifteen minutes. Vacuum the area thoroughly afterward.

When should you use commercial products?

There are tons of commercial pet stain removers available in the market today. These products include those that contain deodorizers and air fresheners. If the vinegar solution fails to remove the odor and the stain, you should consider buying a commercial pet stain remover for your carpet.

You should, however, try to consider what type of carpet you have before buying or using a commercial pet stain removal product. Carpets can be made from natural or synthetic fibers and read the labels first can help you get the best results.

Calling in the professionals

If the carpet odors are just too strong, and if the stains are just too tough to remove, homeowners can opt to hire professional carpet cleaners. With the help of professional machines and high-grade solvents, these professionals can help your carpet look and smell brand new.

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