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How to get rid of Clutter to Make your House look Cleaner

Blog Highlights:

  • A lot of things can accumulate within our homes over time, making it stuffy, dusty and cluttered
  • Papers like mails, documents, old magazines and newspapers, can easily gather dust and create clutter
  • You can donate old, unused clothes and shoes, or get rid of those that have been stained and damaged
  • You can scan old mails, kid’s drawings and photos so you can store memorabilia digitally
  • Using boxes for storage should be done only when necessary
  • You should sell, donate, or dispose of unused books and old furniture

    Cleaning the house is not just about removing dirt and trash, it also about getting rid of clutter and making it more organized.
    A lot of people are struggling when it comes to keeping the house looking clean and smelling fresh. And it is all because a lot of things can accumulate within our homes over time, making it stuffy, dusty and cluttered.
    Here are some of the ways that you can do to get rid of the clutter that is taking over your home. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to do it all in one day. By focusing on specific areas one at a time, you will be able to have a clean and organized house before you know it.

    Dealing with the Paper Problem
    Paper can easily accumulate within the home; it can easily gather dust and create clutter. Whether be it in the form of mail, monthly bills, newspapers, or magazines, every piece of paper must undergo a test. You need to ask yourself whether it is important enough for safe keeping. If it is not that important, you might as well tear it up and toss it out. Old magazines and newspapers that you have read must also be placed in the recycle bin.

    Cleaning the Closet
    Clothes that you have never worn in the last two years will most likely be never worn again. It would be best if you were to give these clothes to a consignment shop, Goodwill, or to the Salvation Army. There might be people who could put your clothes to good use and it would be best for you to do a good deed instead of just letting your old clothes rot in your closet. Clothes that are stained, damaged or worn-out should be thrown away.
    The same is also true when it comes to shoes. Worn-out shoes should go to the trash while unused ones should be given away.

    Creating a schedule for clutter-removal is vital. You can go through your closets and drawers once a year or once every six months so you can toss out things you no longer need. Maintaining the habit of removing items you no longer need helps you to get rid of the urge to keep the clutter.

    Storing Valued memories
    Sentimental items like cards and photos can accumulate over time. By buying a filing cabinet, you will no longer have to keep these items in drawers and dusty boxes.  You can file them away properly, keep them in folders and then store the filing cabinet in a designated area.
    You can also digitize these memorabilia. Take photos or scans of your kids’ artwork and other valued items so you can store them in your computer without adding clutter.

    Thinking outside the Box
    Boxes are the typical go-to when it comes to storing unused items and clutter. Unfortunately, boxes can easily accumulate dust and they can actually take a lot of space. Boxes can also make your house look ugly. This is why a lot of people recommend giving away, recycling, and throwing out old, unused items first, opting only to use boxes when necessary.

    Trim down your Library
    Libraries and book collections can be very hard to maintain. A lot of people value books and many prefer to keep them on shelves. The only way for you to keep their number to a minimum is by keeping those that you hold dear and by opting to let go of books that you will probably never read or be interested in.

    Throwing away old Technology
    Broken down monitors, VCRs and other old pieces of technology should be discarded properly. Unless you know how to fix them, and unless you still regularly use them, these items must be given for recycling. You should also get rid of their wires and cables as well.

    Say goodbye to Art
    Old paintings and decorative photos that have been creating clutter for years should be discarded. Unless they are valuable, you can opt to donate them to the Salvation Army or to Goodwill so you can let other people use it instead.

    Throw Away old furniture
    Stop hoarding old and unused furniture in your garage or attic. Unless you plan on getting them repaired and updated, you should choose to sell, donate or dispose of them so you can free-up some space and remove unsightly clutter.

    Smart Storage
    Storing different items so you can remove clutter must be done wisely. You need to find the right place and you should also make use of appropriately-sized containers. Use the right containers for different items, this will allow you, later on, to easily find these items when you need them.  Stacking containers on top of each other instead of side by side can also help you conserve space.

    Designate a storage area
    The items that you decide to keep should be placed in the proper area. You can keep similar items together and store them in places where you are most likely to need or use them.  A filing system must be near the mail bin, a designated container for school supplies must be placed in your child’s study area and so on. This can help make your home look more organized.

    Although a lot of people tend to hang onto different unused items, getting rid of clutter can actually help you breathe new life into your home. You will find out that as soon as the clutter is gone, you will never miss it. So start organizing your home today and give your home a bright and fresh atmosphere tomorrow.

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