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A Great List of Supplies for Interior Car Cleaning

The interior of a car is often overlooked as far as a good cleaning goes – especially if you don’t have the time, or find that the dirt builds up overnight thanks to your small children or pets! A few days is all that it takes for your car to collate a range of wrappers, food crumbs and stray hairs – and as easy as it is to walk away and ignore the mess, the truth is that things can become a little unhygienic if you don’t do something about it – especially with the humidity in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah.

We have a few supplies in mind that could help to make the entire process much easier to manage – and therefore a lot simpler to stay on top of! By keeping the inside of your vehicle clean, you’ll feel encouraged to keep it feeling fresh all year round. So without further ado, let’s take a look at a list of supplies for cleaning the interior of your car.

Trash Bags: The best way to dispose of any dirt and garbage is by placing it all inside of a trash bag and then getting rid of it at once. Don’t forget to reach inside of any seat slots and under the seats themselves – rubbish has a tendency of getting into hard to reach places!

Vacuum Cleaner: It’s all but impossible to pick up every grain of dirt, sand and debris – so call on the power of a vacuum cleaner instead. Consider using a chisel tip fitting to get in to those difficult spots.

Clean Cloths: Cloths are good for all sorts of things – from wiping windows down, all the way to scrubbing dried on dirt out of seats and mats. Bring a few with you to avoid spreading the dirt and don’t forget a small tub of warm soapy water too.

Bristle Brush: Sometimes the only way to clean a mat properly is by scrubbing it until the cows come home. A bristle brush does this perfectly, just be sure not to scrub too hard or you’ll risk tearing any rubber on the mat.

Toothbrush: When a bristle brush is too abrasive for a scrubbing – a toothbrush may be a better option. A regular toothbrush will be able to get in to hard-to-reach spots, making it even easier to clean where the eye can’t see.

Air Freshener: Once your car has been properly cleaned, you might want to add an air freshener to promote that fresh atmosphere. Air fresheners are a great way to keep unwanted scents at bay – and with so many options to choose from, your car could emanate any of your favourite scents!

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