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Cleaning your Tiles and Grout | Cleaning Techniques | Salt Lake City Utah

Your tiles and grouting may function together on the floor, but these two incredibly varied materials will need individual cleaning methods to get the most out of them. There are also different types of tiles to consider (ceramic, stone, laminated), and the cleaning method will differ depending on the material used. Let’s get to know the best method for cleaning tiles and grouting now.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

If you’re hoping to get the most from your ceramic tiles, then the best cleaning agent to use is your everyday mild cleaner. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products like bleach, as these agents can damage your ceramic tiles, and discolor them as well as the grout.

Cleaning Natural Stone Tiles

The manufacturer’s instructions will give you the best idea on how to clean your stone tile flooring, but in most instances they will refer you to a soap product of some type. Avoid using abrasive products as mentioned above, as these will break down the composition of your tiles, and affect the grout too. A bar of soap and warm water is usually sufficient, and as long as the soap is mild; it won’t affect the grout.

If you’re wondering how often you should clean your grout, then that will depend on how frequently your tiles are used. In most cases, it’s recommended that you clean your grouting at least once every three to six months. If you notice that they are collected dirt and grime more frequently however, then there’s nothing wrong with a monthly clean.

Cleaning Grout the Right Way

When it comes to cleaning grout, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of chemicals that can break its composition down. Some of the most effective methods involve the use of baking soda, salt, and white vinegar. Although these agents may be seen as slightly abrasive; when used sparingly, there won’t be any risk of damage to your grouting. Alternatively, you could use oxygen bleach, which isn’t toxic, is completely free of harmful fumes, and it can polish your tiles/ grout whilst killing bacteria too.

Whichever method you’ve selected, simply spray your formula on to your grout to wet it. If you’re using oxygen bleach, then pour it along the lines of your grout until it forms a slightly thinner consistency than toothpaste. Allow the formula to soak in, and come back in about 10 minutes to perform the clean itself. Using a toothbrush, or suitable cloth; scrub at your grout gently to lift away any dirt or stains.

You’ll notice that your cleaning agent will discolor as you scrub (typically brown or black), and you’ll need to keep a bucket of water and a sponge close by to soak up any liquid present. Once all of the liquid formula has been removed, you can wipe the area over with a clean, soft cloth, and the tiles and grouting will look as good as new!

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