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Professional Cleaning Services Call Now SLC (801) 485-7040 or PC (435) 640-4391

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Secrets You’d Definitely Want to try at Home

Baths, whether at home or at luxurious hotels can be a very relaxing place; perfect for personal getaways and total relaxation. Although baths at high end hotels often have so much more to offer, you can actually create a luxurious atmosphere at home with just a few minor tweaks. Hotel baths are cleaned daily, and though this may not be applicable to your bath at home, a weekly routine of wiping mirrors, faucets and sinks can do a lot. For stubborn stains and dirt, wiping may just not be enough. To help you perk up your own bathroom, here are a few cleaning secrets that professional bathroom cleaning services use for luxurious baths.

First of all, focus on the minute details. Get rid of dust particles and hair within the bathroom by vacuuming floors and wiping shelves, ceilings, lights and just about every nook and cranny with a microfiber cloth. Aside from helping you prep your bathroom for the succeeding steps, it also helps you get an idea of where problem areas are located. The next thing that you need to do is to heat up the tub, sink, toilet, and the tiles. Heating up these surfaces can actually increase the power of many alkaline bathroom cleaners, helping you to get rid of stubborn mildew and hard water stains. You can fill the tub with hot water and you can also wash the other surfaces with hot, but not boiling water.

After a few minutes of increasing the temperature of the tub and the tiles, you need to identify what’s causing the stains in your bathroom. Rust-colored stains are typically caused by the minerals in the water and they can be easily removed by diluted HCL or muriatic acid solutions. A build-up of mineral scales on showers and faucets can be removed by limescale cleaners and aerator screens can be soaked overnight in vinegar to help remove deposits. Soap scums within tiles and mildew can also be removed by bathroom cleansers that contain bleach. You can also apply all-purpose bathroom cleansers for other surfaces. Just remember that disinfectants fight against bacteria and they help remove odor, solvents remove grease and oils, acids neutralize soap scum and mineral deposits, while surfactants are degreasers and they can help thoroughly clean different surfaces.

Letting the product do its job is important, so spray it, spread the product around, and let it sit for a few minutes before you scrub. These products contain harmful chemicals so you need to wear masks, gloves and protective eyewear.After a few minutes, you need to scrub every square inch of your tub, metal fixtures, as well as the rest of your bathroom porcelains and ceramics. You can use a non-abrasive scratch pad or a bathroom magic eraserwhich can do wonders for gray rings inside tubs and sinks. You can also use glass cleaners for mirrors and other specialized products to help make your chrome and metal fixtures shiny. Make sure you rinse your bathroom thoroughly afterwards and use a clean towel to dry the surfaces especially the floor.

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